Calgary and Banff's Best Party and Wedding Band

Thank you for considering Barry Shaw Entertainment for your special event! We endeavour to provide you the client with the highest quality musical entertainment available and the best customer service.

Each musical event is unique. Since our product is flexible, Please consider your approximate budget and  call or email to discuss your specific needs.

Other important items to know include:
- Date & location of event
- Performance start time, length
- Number of guests expected

Each Booking Includes:
- Musical selections tailored to your event, A polished, highly professional rehearsed band
- A flexible band size that fits your stage and your budget
appropriately dressed performers (choose suit, tux or casual)
- Basic sound production
- accent lighting
- full stage set up: horn stands, all instruments, audio and electrical cables

Can Include:
- Background vocalists,
- Other featured vocalists,
- Dance demo and/or instruction
- Enhanced Sound Production,
- Enhanced Light show

Required of Client:
- Executed contract;
- Two cheques: a deposit upon signing, and a post-dated cheque payable prior to performance;

Requested Information for quote or contract:
1. Date of event, Scheduled times for: load-in, setup, sound-check, event start time, music start time, scheduled breaks for speeches, performance end time, number of guests, demographic

2. Requested Musical format, band size, vocalist, dress (tux, suit or casual), special requests

3. Primary contact(s), Company name, phone, email, fax

4. Venue name & address, room size, venue liaison contact info, directions, stage size, parking & loading instructions; ramp or elevator or stair access, within 50 feet of electrical outlet, sufficient power supply

5. Please advise hospitality for performers:
    Such as band dressing room, meals, drinks or accommodation (if performance is outside of Calgary)